The Shield of Achilles (170 cm)

has its origins in the depths of time. According to the wish of Thetis Hephaistos forged this masterpiece that Homer described in the "Iliad, Book 13" in 137 lines, showing an   understanding of a cosmic dimension with the world in it and the things that concerned people the most.
According to a legend of the Shield came later
into the hands of Alexander the Great, who resigned his own weapon at the tomb of Achilles as an offering thus, the Shield accompanied Alexander on his campaigns. With the death of Alexander in 323, the Shield of Achilles was lost in the mist of history.



In 2009 the Shield of Achilles arose in a new form and in my interpretation, and was given access to the public at the Le Meridien Vienna.

This Shield is an art installation in which dynamic light plays a major role, because it creates the optic illusion of a three dimensional moving wave that has an almost magic quality.

Schild des Achilles im Le MERIDIEN Hotel Wien ansehen


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