Dynamic Light Project

is a combination of structured artworks that are gilded or contain silver reflecting surfaces, and a highly developed lighting technique, involving many bulbs.
A light controlling program is dimming and changing the colors to create motion and fascinating changing of colors and moods on the artworks.




as a precious metal was associated with the sun,
which is due on one hand to its brilliance and on the other hand
to the connection between the glow of the sun and the melting process.
The gilding of the artwork is based on a tradition already used in the early dinastic Egyptian period.




are a metaphor for all that is in motion.
They carry and transfer energy and resonate throughout the universe and so everything is connected to everything.



In Egypt, the hieroglyph "Gold" was represented by a beaded collar and since the early dynastic period around 3000 BC was the most frequently
worn piece of jewelry by the pharaohs and their contemporaries, both men and women.



In 2009 the Shield of Achilles arose in a new form and in my interpretation, and was given access to the public at the Le Meridien Vienna.

This Shield is an art installation in which dynamic light plays a major role, because it creates the optic illusion of a three dimensional moving wave that has an almost magic quality.








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